Affiliated Institutions

University of Pennsylcania

Tiffany is currently a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. She currently holds fellowships through the University's Ben Franklin Fund, the Fontaine Society, and the Kolb Society. Tiffany received her joint MA in Anthropology and BA with honors in Archaeology and a minor in International Relations from Stanford University in 2011. Tiffany's primary theoretical interests include the epistemological and ontological politics of archaeological practice, critical heritage theory, the politics of recognition, and Peircian semiotics. She explores indigenous and diasporic archaeologies, archaeologies of European colonialism/historical archaeology, archaeologies of rebellion, and landscape archaeology. Her past projects focused primarily on intersections of archaeological practice and the reconciliation movement in Western Australia. Currently, she is working in Maya Yucatan on a community-based participatory research project addressing the legacies of the Caste War.

Areas of Research

critical heritage theory, indigenous and diasporic archaeologies, materiality



Tihosuco, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tihosuco Heritage Preservation and Community Development Project

This project explores the legacies of the 19th Century Maya revolt against Mexico and then independent Yucatan. It challenges the current status of Maya archaeology by focusing on a much more recent past and seeks to explore the potential for shifting heritage narratives, promoting sustainable community development, and a program of historical archaeology in the region.