Affiliated Institutions

University of Colorado Boulder

Bianca C. Williams is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. As a feminist cultural anthropologist, Williams' research examines the racialized and gendered experiences of Black American women in the U.S. and Caribbean, specifically their pursuits of happiness and strategies to maintain emotional wellness. In her book, tentatively titled "Exporting Happiness," Williams examines how African American women use international travel and the Internet as tools for pursuing leisure, creating intimate relationships and friendships, and critiquing American racism, sexism, and ageism.

Areas of Research

Black feminisms, Critical Race Studies, Black women, mental health, and wellness


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Exporting Happiness: African American Women and Transnational Pursuits of Happiness

Over the past decade, I have completed multi-sited ethnographic research with African American tourist women in cities across the U.S., Jamaica, and in a virtual community, in order to understand how these individuals construct affect across diasporic differences and engage in transnational pursuits of happiness. "Exporting Happiness" brings together the literature on transnationalism, Black feminism, and diaspora to understand how individuals pursue happiness in the context of American racism.