Affiliated Institutions

University of Indianapolis

Dr. O'Daniel's current research focuses on the survival experiences of low-income African American women living with HIV disease in urban North Carolina. This work has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the University of Indianapolis, and the results have been published in such journals as Medical Anthropology and Human Organization. Her research interests include: health care policy; economic globalization; HIV/AIDS; health disparities and health care inequality; lived experiences of inequality

Areas of Research

HIV health care, Affordable care act, health disparities


O’Daniel, Alyson J. “‘They Read [The Truth] In Your Blood:’African American Women and Perceptions of HIV Health. Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness. Forthcoming.

O’Daniel, Alyson J. “Access to Medical Care is not the Problem: Low-Income Status and Health Care Needs among HIV-Positive African-American Women in Urban North Carolina.” Human Organization 70(4):416-426. 2011.

O’Daniel, Alyson J. “Pushing Poverty to the Periphery: HIV-Positive African American Women’s Health Needs, The Ryan White CARE Act, and a Political Economy of Service Provision.” Transforming Anthropology 16(2):112-127. 2008.

O’Daniel, Alyson J. “Health Care Policy and Housing ‘Choice’ Among Low-Income HIV Positive African American Women in Urban North Carolina.” In Race and Urban Communities: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Teresa A. Booker, ed. University of Akron Press. Forthcoming.


Indianapolis, IN, United States